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The bass player , arranger and composer, Joel Moncorvo, started his musical studies early. He took his first lessons in 1978 when he was just seven years, participating in choirs and music workshops of the College of St. Joseph in Salvador. His first teacher was Professor Jorge Silva, who discovered the ability of the serious Joel. The most influential musician came from his family. His father, John, supported, financed and encouraged in every possible way. His mother, the musician Elza, classical piano teacher, and encourage, instructed to musical life. 

At age nine, Joel got his first Bass, forming his first rock band, Copyright, and starting, so , his musical career. Since then, a number projects, research and bands. 

He recorded his first vinyl record, "Call for Equality" in 1991 by Continental Chancellor Records. He worked as sideman for three years in a row, following the various artists and singers in the Flying Circus and Canecão. Participated in several programs on national television, highlighting the Angelica Program. 

In 1992, he founded SLOW, his band progmetal, a project that dreamed of performing early. With music Killer Mermaid, attended the CD Bahia Rock Collection, produced by WR discs. Produced and recorded in his studio, music Blood Secret, which was released in Collection Two of Bahia, the record Collection Records. Joel also recorded Dropping Dust CD with the rock band Dimy Ruffo, was lead singer and bassist of the band Death Metal Kaddish and participated in an instrumental music project with the group of Jazz Bass and Drum. 

Musician has gained respect and admiration in the scenario of bassists, Joel has been featured in the main specialized Brazilian magazines like Cover Down, Rock Brigade and Roadie Crew. In addition, he participated in several advertisements and television advertisements from companies that sponsor. It was recently voted the best national bass player in a survey conducted by the New Metal site to choose the best of 2005. In recognition of his musical work, The M.Laghus Basses and Guitars, made a point of associating the musician Joel Moncorvo to its line- up Endorses, granting bonuses you with a bass of eight strings. 

currently, Joel develops in the Customer Service Deaf Center in Salvador, the research "the contrabass and the deaf child" in which studies the possibilities of how the bass can help children with deafness in developing their hearing / body sensitivity. He has been working on his instrumental album "Far Beyond Sound", and give individual bass and group lessons, workshops and workshows. The musician also conducts several clinics and lectures on the instrument, write bass speakers for Web sites, and to promote and participate in several debates on the instrument. 

To complete its work, as well as being bassist SLOW also passed to integrate at the end of 2005, the formation of the death metal band ungodly, which recently released their new album, Debut, the Dynamo Brazilie Records. 

Joel Moncorvo has a long road in the world of bass. There are 27 years dedicated to bass, in which he went through countless bands, visited a number of styles and learned enough for today, to devote himself exclusively to his instrument. In all presentations, which is explicit in the musician is the pleasure and satisfaction in playing. Your preferences are Classical Music, Jazz, Fusion, Samba, Funk, Progressive Rock, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, even to the extreme metal, ie brutal!


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